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General Information
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Contains information on standards, News & Announcements, Technical areas and more. Includes the World Wide Web Journal.
Good source of information. Includes the Developers Corner which has several HTML tutorials.
Information on Web Server technology and supporting tools.
The World Wide Web FAQ
By Thomas Boutell. Answers the most common questions about the Web.
WWW Security FAQ
FAQ relating to security implications of running a web server.
Ask the Web Pro
Ask the Pro a question or browse through previously answered questions.
Yahoo's WWW Links
Huge collection of links - but you'll have to sort out the good from the bad.
History of the Internet
A collection of links from the Library of Congress, each giving an account of the evolution of the Internet.
Lots of useful information for anyone building a web site.

HTML Goodies
Good source of tips on all aspects of HTML authoring.
D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site
Great reference site with tutorials, tips, FAQs and more. Includes The Ultimate HTML Tag Reference List
The HTML Guru
Collection of questions, tips, documentation and links.
Introduction to HTML
Excellent guide by Ian Graham, author of The HTML Sourcebook.
The HTML Writers Guild
Contains links to many HTML resources. Good section on HTML Validation.
HTML Resources at W3C
Includes the official specifications for HTML 2.0 and HTML 3.0.
Introduction to HTML
Excellent introduction by Eric Meyer.
Intermediate HTML
A follow up by Eric Meyer which concentrates on forms.
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
A good reference for those who are already familiar with HTML. Contains everything in the HTML 3.2 spec, plus Netscape extensions. Available in many languages.
The Web Diner
Very good site devoted to Web page design. Lots of tutorials and graphics tips. Also includes a Web Page Templates section.
Renza WEB Gallery & HTML Help
Includes good tag guide and image gallery.
Web Pages That Suck
Learn how to create attractive Web pages by first looking at pages that suck!
Style Guide for Online Hypertext
The original guide from Tim Berners-Lee.
The Web Design Group
General HTML information. Includes HTML 3.2 reference available as a Windows Help file.
Project Cool Developer Zone
Tips for building effective Web sites.
Doctor HTML
A validation service that will parse the pages on your Web site and check for HTML problems.
GIF Animation on the WWW
Everything you wanted to know about animated GIFs.
Cascading Style Sheets Guide
Great reference site with examples.

Includes the Perl FAQs.
CGI Documentation from NCSA
Includes the FTP Archive of CGI Scripts.
Matt's Script Archive
Another great site of CGI scripts.
The Scripts Home
More scripts.
The cgi-lib.pl Home Page
This library has become somewhat of a standard for creating CGI scripts in Perl.
Collection of code snippets in HTML, Perl, Java, JavaScript and more.

Web Magazines

There are probably hundreds of magazines about the Web on the Web. The following are some of the better ones. You should also look at the general Computing magazines that are listed in the News and Magzines area.

iWORLD - Internet News and Resources
Internet World Online
Web Review
Web Techniques
Web Developer Magazine
The Intranet Journal

Sams Publishing
Contains several Web titles.
Que's Digital Bookshelf
Huge collection of Online Books.
Cye's Definitive HTML Book List"
Another huge collection of Web titles.
Perl 5 By Example
By David Medinets. Very good coverage of the language. The entire book is online!
Creating Killer Websites Online
Online version of David Siegel's popular book. Contains design tips and example sites.

Clip Art - Icons - Textures

The following links all provide clip art, icons and textures to include in your Web pages.

Realm Graphics
Eric's Hot Icons
Anthony's Icon Library
The Clip Art Connection
Club Unlimited

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