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General Programming
Electronic magazine with a comprehensive coverage of Java news and products. Includes interviews with leading industry figures, hands-on programming tutorials with sample code, applet reviews and links to Java resources. Probably the best source of Java information on the Net.
Sun's Official Java Site
Official home of Java. Includes the JDK and Java documentation. Take a look at the Java Store where you can buy those Java T-Shirts and coffee mugs.
Cafe Au Lait
Good source of information provided by Elliotte Rusty Harold. Includes the Cafe Au Lait Newsletter
Digital Espresso
A weekly summary of the traffic appearing in the Java mailing lists and newsgroups.
Caffeine Connection
Java News, Applets, Links and Product Reviews.
Yahoo's Java Resources
Lots of links!
Cup O' Joe Java Shop
Links to applets, classes, utilities and documentation.
Java Report Online
Online version of the Java Report from SIGS. Includes artices, columns, tips, tricks and Code Corner.
Another online Java magazine.
Hostile Applets
So you thought Java was completely safe? Take a look at this!
The Java Oasis
Repository for free Java related software and documentation.
Web Magazines
Check out the Web Magazines and Computer Weeklies and Magazines sections elsewhere on this site.

JARS - Java Applet Rating Service
Huge collection of Java applets. If you are a Java developer, submit your applet for a rating.
One of the first and best collections of Java resources. Huge range of applets.
The Java Boutique
More Java applets.
Cool Freeware - Java Gallery
Applets created by the Java enthusiasts at Silicon Graphics.
The Java Centre
Collection of applets based in the UK.
The Java Repository
Collection of applets based in Germany.
Cool Applets from Javasoft
Applets written by the folks at Javasoft.
Yahoo's Applet List
JADE - Java Developers Organization
Features the Big Applet Contest

Sun's Java FAQs
Straight from the horse's mouth.
comp.lang.java FAQ
FAQ for the most popular Java newsgroup.
The Java Developer Archive
Comprehensive How Do I ... Q&A.
Java Message Exchange
A message board system where Java developers can ask questions and exchange ideas.
Ask the Java Pro
Ask the Java Pro questions or browse through previously answered questions.
Java How-To Page
Collection of Java tips from preEmptive Solutions.

Sun's Java Tutorial
Excellent starting point for those wanting to learn Java.
Brewing Java
Good tutorial for beginners. Large document (> 200K)
Java Optimization
Tips on how to optimize your programs. Also contains benchmarks comparing different Java implementations.
Thingtone Programming Tutorials
Includes a tutorial on network programming.
Knee Deep in Java
Advanced tutorial concentrating on graphics.
Concurrent Programming in Java
Online supplement to the book by Doug Lea. Focuses on more advanced programming techniques.
Ernest Friedman-Hill's Java Course
A five session programming course.

Sams Publishing
Contains previews of several Sams Java titles.
Que's Digital Bookshelf
Claims to contain the most complete Online Books on the Web - and I'm not arguing.
The Java Developer's Resource
Book written by ER Harold. Contains all the source code.
Java Book List @ Cafe Au Lait
Features links to the Top 10 Java books (that ER Harold hasn't written!)
Java Books from O'Reilly and Associates
Good online versions of several O'Reilly titles including the now famous Java in a Nutshell
The Java Pages
Great collection of Java books.
Cye's Definitive HTML Book List
Huge collection of Web titles with a large Java selection.
Prentice-Hall Developer's Resource Series
Online versions of several titles. Includes tutorials with samples.
The Java Handbook
Book by Patrick Naughton. Includes source code to all the examples.

Team Java HQ
Contains a registry of Java companies and contractors. Also has a good set of links to Java resources.
Java WinHelp
All the Java documentation is available in Windows Help File format.
A set of benchmarks for measuring the speed of your Java system.

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